Jetties & Boating

The Candock Modular Floating System, as supplied by DOCKPRO, is a truly revolutionary product! The era of massive wooden, metal and cement docks is over.

We supply turn-key flotation solutions for all recreational and leisure applications. Our high quality HDPE system is environmentally friendly and requires no maintenance. Reliable and easy to use, it provides unlimited configurations and application options. Designs are customised and fabricated according to each customer's requirements. Flotation solutions include Jetties, Marinas, Leisure Platforms, Boat and Jet Ski Docks.

Jetties, Marinas & Leisure Platforms

The Candock Modular Floating System, as supplied by DOCKPRO has become a must for residential, commercial, marina and recreational facility docks or any other application. When compared to wooden, metal or cement docks, its advantages are crystal clear: just consider its exceptional lifespan and its high resistance to the most severe weather conditions.

Jetroll (MDPE) System: Watercrafts up to 3.5M or 500KG

The JETROLL is a single piece drive-on dock system designed to accommodate small personal watercrafts up to 3,5m or 500kgs. The JETROLL is fully compatible with our G2 system as well as all other types of docks on the market. This MDPE unit is 100% foam-filled and literally unsinkable. Because no assembly is required, the installation is fast and hassle-free. The launching procedure of your watercraft is made easy; thanks to the 12 urethane wheels and their customizable positions.


The JETSLIDE is a unique patented HDPE dry dock system that protects the hull of your watercraft from the accumulation of shellfish and marine vegetation affecting the performance of your boat. With the JETSLIDE, you’ll eliminate both maintenance costs and premature wear and tear on your watercraft. It’s easy to assemble, clean, aesthetic, very flexible, and compatible with different types of watercraft up to 9m or 2730kgs. The JETSLIDE also enables you to walk safely around your pleasure craft. No more metal structures obstructing your view. The JETSLIDE requires no maintenance and is used as a jet ski dry dock or boat dry dock.


These revolutionary cubes can adapt to any shoreline, and you can assemble them to create whatever shape and size you like. The configuration options are limitless.… Just use your imagination!


The safety aspect of nautical products is critical. This is why the Candock System has undergone rigorous testing. Its safety features include excellent dock stability, high load capacity, an anti-skid surface and no metal parts.


Made of high density polyethylene resin, Candock Floating Cubes are remarkably resistant to impact, climate change, the adverse effects of water and the sun and a wide range of chemical products.


With the Candock System, the concept “maintenance-free” means ZERO maintenance – no more, no less. No more lost time, no more expense, and no more work to be done on a conventional wooden or metal dock year after year.


The Candock System is simple: blocks closely and firmly held together by special mounting screws. All pieces are light and easy to handle.


The modular structure components do not oxidize or deteriorate. This means that the floating dock will stay in its natural state.