Recreational projects



The JETSLIDE has been especially designed to evenly distribute the watercraft’s weight, thus preventing any excessive pressure on the hull. The JETSLIDE is ideal for mooring jetski’s, catamarans and mono hulls up to 2000kgs in weight. The Jetslide is suitable for outboards, Z-drive, and shaft-driven boats.


Our modular jetties are customised to your exact needs. Their flexible design allows for endless configurations and sizes. A long list of accessories from boat/jetski docks to solar lights to gangways can be integrated with the jetty.


Imagine coming home from a hectic day at work, the sun's still up for another hour and that water sure looks inviting! Let’s go for a blast on the jetski – grab the keys, jump on and go!

Rowing & KAYAK

The safety aspect of nautical products is critical. This is why the Candock system has undergone rigorous testing. Its safety features include excellent dock stability, high load capacity, an anti-skid surface and the absence of metal parts.


With the purchase of a Candock dock, you’re choosing an environmentally friendly solution. Candock cubes are manufactured according to the 14001:2004 environmental standard, do not decompose and can be 100% recycled.