Accessories, tools & Parts


One Piece Bumper:

Molded in one single unit, this product is made of a unique polyethylene resin making it soft and non-marking while allowing it to be extremely durable.


Made up entirely of plastic. It can be folded on itself for security purposes and also to avoid seaweed build up. This is the only ladder on the market with an upward inclined slope. It can also be installed on a conventional dock.


Aluminium bench with a plastic seat and back rest.


The cleat is used to anchor your boat. Our cleats are made of highly resistant plastic but are less resistant than metal ones can be.

Heavy duty cleat:

Heavy duty bollard type cleat made of stainless steel. For use with bigger sized boats.

anchoring ring:

Made up of stainless steel, the strong anchor ring is installed through an external lug connector.


ratchet key for nut:

To be used with a ‘ratchet type’ wrench. We recommend using this key if you have a large quantity of nuts to install. It is also required for the installation of Candock’s ladder.

key for nut:

Aluminum key used to fix nuts in place.

key for pin:

Key used for connecting pin installation.

Piling driver:

Tool preventing piling damages while inserting them with a sledgehammer.

piling bull:

Custom designed tool facilitating post installation.



The nut is connected with the exterior lug connector to form a structure.

Sliding Nut:

Sliding nut that goes over one of the ears of the cubes and connects to the connecting pin to form a structure.


Candock’s cubes are equipped with 4 ears, positioned at various heights. Due to the space created between them, the spacer will be used to fill this empty space. Spacers are mainly used for the Jetslide’s assembly.

connecting pin:

The G2 connecting pin is the master piece holding the cubes together. The connecting pin is designed to be combined with a sliding nut which slides over the cubes tabs, this way giving the whole structure a superior resistance; better than any other similar type of dock modular floating dock systems on the market.

external lug connector:

This bold is used to increase the overall resistance of the dock. Even if it is not required for the majority of docks, we still highly recommend it when your installation may be exposed to the worse conditions (e.g. strong waves, work platform, boarding large size boats, etc) Note that external lug connectors are always required for Jetslides installations.

post cube:

The post cube has a cylindrical opening to fit a 2 7/8” diameter galvanized steel pipe that will be used to anchor your installation. This post is also covered with a PVC sleeve and cap. This is used not only to hide the metal pole but also to give a better plastic on plastic movement with the post cube. This particular type of anchorage is very resistant and allows your installation to follow water level variations. This is the ideal anchorage for tidal areas.