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Jetslide Specifications

The Jetslide has been specially designed to evenly distribute the watercraft’s weight, thus preventing any excessive pressure on the hull. Assembled with no moving parts that are easily damaged or that require regular maintenance, the Jetslide is made of new-generation plastic. The result is a top-quality product that features cutting-edge technology. The Jetslide is both lightweight and resistant to impact, chemical products, UV rays and weather variations. Because of its foam-filled interior, it will remain afloat, even under the worst conditions.

Material/Composition: High-density Polyethylene Resin
Dimensions: L x W: 288cm (114") x 96cm(38")
H: 38cm (15")
Weight: 68 Kg (150bs.)
Colour Options: Gray (other colours available on request)


Air Assist

The Jetslide System also features the best floating assistance system on the market – The AIR ASSIST. Used for heavier watercraft, this system keeps the Jetslide’s dimensions to a size suitable for Marina spaces or cramped locations. The system is compact, lightweight, durable and easily installed. It is also quick and easy to operate.


These revolutionary cubes can adapt to any shoreline, and you can assemble them to create whatever shape and size you like. The configuration options are limitless.… Just use your imagination!


The safety aspect of nautical products is critical. This is why the Candock System has undergone rigorous testing. Its safety features include excellent dock stability, high load capacity, an anti-skid surface and no metal parts.


Made of high density polyethylene resin, Candock Floating Cubes are remarkably resistant to impact, climate change, the adverse effects of water and the sun and a wide range of chemical products.


With the Candock System, the concept “maintenance-free” means ZERO maintenance – no more, no less. No more lost time, no more expense, and no more work to be done on a conventional wooden or metal dock year after year.


The Candock System is simple: blocks closely and firmly held together by special mounting screws. All pieces are light and easy to handle.


The modular structure components do not oxidize or deteriorate. This means that the floating dock will stay in its natural state.